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Leading the 2016 spring and summer fashion trend of the four major international fashion week, which is still in full swing to hold, in addition to the brand launched a new spring and summer design, show the front row guests also the focus of many brand those firms. Before the Milan Fashion Week, Salvatore Ferragamo princess recruited two Italian brand sits, and Emporio Armani’s show there in July wedding of Princess of Monaco appeared.

Celebrity Fashion Week show here, it is definitely one of the focus of the brand in addition to clothing, Emporio Armani invited to Monaco Princess Beatrice appeared, Salvatore Ferragamo sale show it to the two Italian Princess Lavinia and Sofia.

Italian Princess Sofia Odescalchi and Lavinia Boncompagni Ludovisi join Ferragamo, was only 23 years old and served as editor of a fashion magazine in Sofia wearing dark green pleated small high collar dress, musical personality style; Lavinia then by a small red striped pleated dress with high collar, piercing elegance. Ferragamo 2016 spring and summer series, under the leadership of creative director Massimiliano Giornetti, 37 sets of Women in restrained elegance presented in a way.

Carefully observe the Ferragamo design, the use of a single color can be found in the majority, but most fancy stitching and multi-color stripe design, design details include whims straps, feminine ruffles, stripes warm, sexy through the skin, simple and elegant, details are not sloppy, designer clothing back women use nature, real wear is very high.

Salvatore Ferragamo History

This article is about the fashion designer. For the company, see Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A..

Salvatore Ferragamo (5 June 1898 – 7 August 1960) was an Italian shoe designer. He worked with many Hollywood stars in the 1920s, before returning to Italy to found the eponymous company making unique handmade footwear. His scientific and creative approach to shoes spawned many innovations such as the wedge heel and cage heel. Film stars and celebrities continue to patronize his company, which has evolved into a luxury goods empire spanning the world.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born in 1898 in Bonito, near Avellino, the eleventh of 14 children. After making his first pair of shoes at age nine, for his sisters to wear at their confirmation, young Salvatore decided that he had found his calling.

After studying shoemaking in Naples for a year, Ferragamo opened a small store based in his parent’s home. In 1914, he emigrated to Boston, where one of his brothers worked in a cowboy boot factory. After a brief stint at the factory, Ferragamo convinced his brothers to move to California, first Santa Barbara thenHollywood. It was here that Ferragamo found success, initially opening a shop for repair and made-to-measure shoes, which soon became prized items among celebrities of the day, leading to a long period of designing footwear for the cinema. However, his thriving reputation as ‘Shoemaker to the Stars’ only partially satisfied him. He could not fathom why his shoes pleased the eye yet hurt the foot, so he proceeded to study anatomy at the University of Southern California.

After spending thirteen years in the United States, Ferragamo returned to Italy in 1927, this time settling in Florence. He began to fashion shoes for the wealthiest and most powerful women of the century, from the Maharani of Cooch Behar to Eva Peron to Marilyn Monroe. He opened a workshop in the Via Mannelli, concentrating his efforts in experimenting with design, applying for patents for ornamental and utility models and some related inventions. Although he filed for bankruptcy in 1933 due to bad management and economic pressures, Ferragamo nonetheless expanded his operation during the 1950s to a workforce of around 700 expert artisans that produced 350 pairs of handmade shoes a day.

Salvatore Ferragamo died in 1960 at the age of 62, but his name lives on as an international company, which has expanded its operations to include luxury shoes, bags, eyewear, silk accessories, watches, perfumes and a ready-to-wear clothing line. At his death his wife Wanda and later their six children (Fiamma, Giovanna, Fulvia, Ferruccio, Massimo and Leonardo) ran the company. Ferragamo was always recognized as a visionary, and his designs ranged from the strikingly bizarre objet d’art to the traditionally elegant, often serving as the main inspiration to other footwear designers of his time and beyond.

His most famous invention is arguably the “Cage Heel”. Fiamma (Salvatore’s eldest daughter who died in 1998) inherited her father’s inimitable talent and came up with the “Vara pumps” in 1978.

A museum dedicated to Ferragamo’s life and work opened in the Palazzo Spini Feroni in 1995. The palazzo had been bought by Ferragamo in the 1930s.

In March 2013, Ferragamo’s fashion house, Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A., established the Ferragamo Foundation in Florence. The foundation was formed to cultivate young fashion designers, based on the ideas of Salvatore Ferragamo.

The company is currently owned by the Ferragamo family, which in November 2006 included Salvatore’s widow Wanda, five children, 23 grandchildren and other relatives. There is a rule that only 3 members of the family can work at the company, prompting fierce competition. To ease these tensions, in September 2006 the family announced a plan to float 48% of the company on the stock market, and since October 2006 Michele Norsa has served as managing and general director. However, as of January 2008, this plan may be put on hold in the midst of the downturn in the financial market. If the listing on the stock market proceeds, the fund will be directed primarily towards building its positions in China. The company held its 80th anniversary exhibition in Shanghai.

  • James Ferragamo: graduate of NYU Stern, is the Women’s Leather Product Director for the Salvatore Ferragamo Group.
  • Wanda Ferragamo Miletti: has led the group since 1960, when her husband and founder of the company, Salvatore, died. She is currently Honorary Chairman.
  • Ferruccio Ferragamo: he is currently President of the Company. He had twin sons Salvatore and James (above) by his first wife Amanda Peat, sister of Michael Peat, a royal courtier.
  • Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo: she is currently vice president of Ferragamo Finanziaria SpA.
  • Leonardo Ferragamo, since 2000, he has served as CEO of Palazzo Feroni Finanziaria S.p.A, the family’s holding company.
  • Massimo Ferragamo: he is Chairman of Ferragamo USA, the Ferragamo dam cong so company that has handled the brand’s distribution in North America since Fifties.
  • Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo: has run the fashion label’s silk accessories division since the Seventies. She is Vice-President of Salvatore Ferragamo SpA.
  • Fiamma Ferragamo di San Giuliano: she died in 1998, many still believe her to be an influential figure in the life of the company today. Her passion for her work, her imagination and inventiveness have led to the creation of some of the brand’s most iconic products, such as Vara shoe and the Gancino.

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Tod’s in Ferragamo shoes

Two golden retrievers bound around the corner of a summerhouse on a languid late summer day in central Italy’s countryside. They have run from the main villa to greet their master: Diego Della Valle, the tycoon behind Tod’s, who is overhead in his helicopter, having popped home for lunch from his office in Milan 500km away.
Mr Della Valle, one of the luxury goods industry’s most colourful personalities, soon appears, in navy blue blazer, dark blue shirt with a scarf tied as a cravat, and blue shoes from his Hogan range. On his wrist are a pile of the leather bracelets that he sells in his stores at €190 a pop.

“I thought we could eat something while we talk?” he says, gesturing to a table decked with roses under a jasmine covered veranda. A waiter and cook prepare a four course meal. His son and a grandson have sat down to lunch too. Nearby, a swimming pool glistens in the late summer light.

It is this kind of bucolic vision that has made Mr Della Valle a billionaire. From his father and grandfather’s small shoemaking business, he built the Tod’s luxury goods group by melding local artisanal skills with an Anglo-American preppy style that is encapsulated in his signature pebble-bottomed moccasins. It is the Hamptons by way of Tuscany or Capri, although Mr Della Valle’s home region is actually the lesser known, and more rural, Marche.

His brands include Tod’s, Hogan and Fay, French shoemaker Roger Vivier and Schiaparelli. His industrial investments — which have given him clout in Italian boardrooms — span Florence’s football club, a high-speed train network and media. He was one of a small group of shareholders who recently played kingmaker in the naming of the new editor of Italian national newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Other Italian entrepreneurs have made similar moves. Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel, Venice’s Rialto Bridge funding a clean-up, while Florence Uffizi museum reopened this month, returned to the gallery from the Ferragamo family donation.
But Hanoi Italiani sounds like a political party. Mr. Della Valle is going to do a Trump?

“It sounds like a political party, but it’s not,” laughs Mr. Della Valle, who has been Prime Minister Matteo Renzi critics. He provided Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ charitable activities a better comparison. “Hanoi Italiani is beyond politics,” he said, not entirely convincing.

Ferragamo ballet shoes

Ferragamo launched new ballet shoes series simply beautiful burst, led this thing really is minutes is a pair of shoes to hook up, Ferragamo ballet shoes the first back in 1954, when Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo specifically for Audrey Hepburn Audrey Heburn production has a pair of very much in line with the hofn graceful temperament ballet shoes, cathartic fair maiden temperament and dressed in comfortable experience, Hepburn won the favorite.

This slightly pointed chic ballet shoes had caused the upsurge of wearing ladies. Simple and elegant ballet shoes are also the most classic and one of the best selling shoes. Ballet shoes are designed to give a simple, comfortable and elegant attitude to modern women, beautiful and not necessarily complicated, simple but elegant fashion attitude to make all the right of fashion. Today we recommend to the ladies temperament ballet shoes good collocation.

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Salvatore Ferragamo in Beijing SKP

Salvatore Ferragamo in Beijing SKP menswear shop floor held a grand MTO (Made To Order) driving shoes custom publishing activities. For the first time in a private way for men to build custom classic car Ferragamo shoes. The introduction of the new driving shoe brand for quality lifestyle expression attention in order to provide the most exquisite taste shoemaking skills to meet the immediate needs of men travel on various occasions. At the same time, customized services to make it all becomes more interesting and chic. On the day the new generation of film star Aarif choose a pair of dark gray with dark blue suede driving shoes Gancio button to visit the site for the arrival of a hundred media and guests personally show the extraordinary charm new custom models driving shoe.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale

The combination of superb shoe technology and innovative design concept car Ferragamo shoes, excellent quality blend of pure craftsmanship, designed for the city to create a successful, famously tasteful elegance. Every customer can be customized according to individual exclusive footwear styles, highlighting its unique. Various categories of diverse footwear leather, soles and iconic color Gancio metal ornaments can chose freely, can be used with the more than 100 kinds of different exclusive driving shoes.

Activities at the scene but there is a top Ferragamo shoe master show you how to customize a pair of exclusive car models Ferragamo shoes are made of. This requires not only the history of art inherited shoe is requested from decades of experience of experience. Only the most accurate and the most skilled technical skills in order to customize the achievements of one pair of handmade shoes. The new driving shoe design based on the classic Ferragamo moccasin shoes, while using modern shoe technology, innovation and design elements to create a unique new car Ferragamo shoes. Which driving shoes minimalist design inspired by the pure pleasure of driving sports cars. Ferragamo shoes classic soles of driving technology upgrades, add rubber non-slip mats in the sole. Relentless innovation in the product is the brand always adhere to ensure excellent quality and superb shoe technology commitments.

Brand in the “invisible” sole quite carefully, both trying to clear the lines to create smooth shape, but also into the ergonomics technology at design time. Salvatore Ferragamo footwear has always been unparalleled elegance and comfort known design, the new brand of shoes to this feature, most vividly. The new driving shoes with unique tubular construction techniques in order to ensure an extraordinary flexibility and make it unique in all driving shoes, Ferragamo as the same extraordinary craftsmanship crafted to attain Men Tramezza series of shoes.

New driving shoes, Ferragamo offers a variety of luxurious materials for customers to choose: alligator, ostrich, calf and suede. Meanwhile Ferragamo’s classic colors to choose from: from the deep blue of the sky to the green, neutral gray and red flame of passion, to optical white and classic black. Sole same rich color options: cherry red, dark brown and gray mist and various shades of blue. At the same time classic Gancio buckles also offers a variety of colors: bright gold, brushed palladium metal color, metallic blue and graphite color, these colors were first appeared on Gancio accessories. Finally, the concept will carry out private customized to provide customers with personalized lettering services, to create a truly unique and exclusive footwear.